WP Stripe Email Receipts WordPress Plugin Released

I’m pleased to announce the release of my third WordPress plugin, WP Stripe Email Receipts.

From the plugin page‘s description:

The WP Stripe plugin by Noel Tock is a great solution for accepting credit cards payments and donations on your WordPress site, without needing to mess with PCI compliance, and it’s a wonderful alternative to PayPal. However, WP Stripe is lacking an important feature: the ability to send an email receipt to the user after they have made a transaction. That’s why I wrote this plugin: to add that functionality.

WP Stripe Email Receipts is an add-on to the WP Stripe plugin that will automatically send email receipts to your users. It also allows you to customize the ”from” name, “from” email address, message subject, and message body text of the email that is sent.

Download WP Stripe Email Recipts from WordPress Extend.

A Jetpack Alternative

The Jetpack plugin by Automattic brings a number of useful features to self-hosted WordPress websites, but there are a few things that I don’t like about it.

My main complaint is that it has a number of different modules activated by default, and it is a royal pain to go through each one and turn them off manually when I only want one or two of its modules to be active on my site. This is a needless inconvenience. Not the end of the world, but still needless.

Next, it requires a wordpress.com account in order to function. I don’t have anything against wordpress.com, but I think it’s stupid that I have to log into a wordpress.com account even if I’m not using any of the cloud-based features in Jetpack.

Finally, I think it’s just big, bloated, intrusive, and annoying, even if it does have some useful features.

Enter Slim Jetpack, which is exactly what its name implies: a slimmed-down Jetpack.

From the plugin’s description:

Slim version of Jetpack unlinked from WordPress.com :) Supercharge your self-hosted wp site even you’re NOT WP.COM users… I smashed the bundle to remove the annoying parts and keep the awesomeness.

Finally, a Jetpack that only does what I tell it to, and doesn’t require a connection to the cloud in order to function. HowardMei, you have saved me much time, annoyance, and frustration, and for that I thank you.

Plugin download: wordpress.org | GitHub

New SSDs

I’ve just installed a solid state drive in both my desktop and laptop computers… the difference is amazing! This is the best thing since sliced bread!

Tip: Make IE9 Use Standards Mode When Developing Locally

Recently I was testing out browser compatibility on a WordPress theme which I’m building. Since I do my development on a Mac, I was running Windows in a virtual machine. I have a web server installed locally on my Mac, which I can access from my windows VM. The problem was that Internet Explorer 9 kept insisting on rendering the site in IE7 compatibility view mode. I could use IE9′s developer tools to switch the rendering mode back to IE9, but whenever I would close the browser and reopen it, the page would be in rendered in IE7 mode again. And I’m using a valid HTML5 doctype, so I knew that wasn’t the cause of the problem. Continue reading