Author Post Ratings 1.0 Released

Today I am announcing the release of my WordPress plugin “Author Post Ratings“. What is it? Here’s the description from the plugin’s readme file:

There are plenty of plugins available which allow site visitors to rate posts, but I didn’t find any that gave the post author that functionality, so I wrote this plugin. Author Post Ratings adds a meta box to the post edit screen, allowing you to chose a 1-5 star rating for the post, or to leave it unrated. The plugin will automatically add the post rating (using stars, and an optional label) to the top or bottom of the post. If you wish, you can disable that functionality altogether and use a shortcode to insert the post rating anywhere in the post you choose. The plugin supports ratings for posts, pages, and custom post types, all of which can be individually enabled or disabled in the plugin settings. It is also fully internationalized.

You can download it from its page on WordPress Extend, or go to the Author Post Ratings homepage to learn more.

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