A Jetpack Alternative

The Jetpack plugin by Automattic brings a number of useful features to self-hosted WordPress websites, but there are a few things that I don’t like about it.

My main complaint is that it has a number of different modules activated by default, and it is a royal pain to go through each one and turn them off manually when I only want one or two of its modules to be active on my site. This is a needless inconvenience. Not the end of the world, but still needless.

Next, it requires a wordpress.com account in order to function. I don’t have anything against wordpress.com, but I think it’s stupid that I have to log into a wordpress.com account even if I’m not using any of the cloud-based features in Jetpack.

Finally, I think it’s just big, bloated, intrusive, and annoying, even if it does have some useful features.

Enter Slim Jetpack, which is exactly what its name implies: a slimmed-down Jetpack.

From the plugin’s description:

Slim version of Jetpack unlinked from WordPress.com 🙂 Supercharge your self-hosted wp site even you’re NOT WP.COM users… I smashed the bundle to remove the annoying parts and keep the awesomeness.

Finally, a Jetpack that only does what I tell it to, and doesn’t require a connection to the cloud in order to function. HowardMei, you have saved me much time, annoyance, and frustration, and for that I thank you.

Plugin download: wordpress.org | GitHub

2 thoughts on “A Jetpack Alternative

  1. Seems to be a good news for WordPress users, The Pack combines the power of so many different WordPress plugin into one plugin and also uses the power of WordPress.com cloud servers. This is really awesome. Going to Jet Pack my blog now.

    • Yeah, you said that elsewhere too.

      Jetpack tries to provide a bunch of features that newcomers to WordPress could find useful while coming to grips with what WordPress was all about. The thing is however, Jetpack is a lot of bloated code which significantly increases the site load time and has been known to clash with other plugins.

      I reckon the features added by Jetpack are better served by individual plugins that you have more control over.

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