WordPress Ajax Helper Library Released

I’ve just released a new PHP library for simplifying Ajax requests in WordPress plugins and themes. It’s called WP Ajax Helper, and you can find it on GitHub and Packagist.

What is This?

WP Ajax Helper exists to simplify the process of performing Ajax requests in WordPress.

With a simple, easy-to-understand syntax, it handles nonces and validation automatically, freeing you up to worry about more important things.

It also interprets the Ajax payload, passing it to your callback function as an array or string as appropriate, as well as interpreting the callback’s response and returning it to the browser either as a string or as JSON.

With an simple validation component, you can easily restrict the user permissions under which the callback function will run.

Finally, it provides a JavaScript front-end component which interfaces with the backend library.

View the usage examples, and full documentation on GitHub.

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