New Plugin Release: Customizer Framework

A lightweight and easy-to-use framework for the WordPress Customizer. Provides a simple and intuitive API for registering Customizer settings, including advanced control types. Automatically sanitizes settings based on the control type. Eliminates the tedious task of registering a setting, control, and sanitization function for each individual Customizer setting.

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WP Stripe Email Receipts WordPress Plugin Released

I’m pleased to announce the release of my third WordPress plugin, WP Stripe Email Receipts.

From the plugin page‘s description:

The WP Stripe plugin by Noel Tock is a great solution for accepting credit cards payments and donations on your WordPress site, without needing to mess with PCI compliance, and it’s a wonderful alternative to PayPal. However, WP Stripe is lacking an important feature: the ability to send an email receipt to the user after they have made a transaction. That’s why I wrote this plugin: to add that functionality.

WP Stripe Email Receipts is an add-on to the WP Stripe plugin that will automatically send email receipts to your users. It also allows you to customize the “from” name, “from” email address, message subject, and message body text of the email that is sent.

Download WP Stripe Email Recipts from WordPress Extend.