Google Analytics

This is a plugin that will add Google Analytics website tracking code to your GetSimple site.

If you are logged into your site as an administrator, the plugin will not add the tracking code, so that your own browsing of the site will not affect your Google Analytics statistics. In addition, if the option to remember you is enabled, you will not be tracked, even after logging out of your GetSimple admin area.


Download the plugin, and upload the contents of the ZIP file to the /plugins directory of your GetSimple install. The plugin will be activated automatically.

Note: You need to enter your Google Analytics property ID as described in the next section for the plugin to function.


After installing the plugin, in your site admin area, go toPlugins->Google Analytics Settings, and enter your Google Analytics property ID:

Enter the entire property ID, including the “UA-” and the “-1” at the end.

How to Find Your Property ID

To find your Google Analytics property ID, log into your Google Analytics dashboard. You should see a screen something like this:


You can download the plugin from its page on GetSimple Extend.


0.2 – September 29, 2011

  • Added ability not to track users even after they have logged out of the GetSimple admin area
  • Moved plugin settings page from “Theme” to “Plugins” in the site admin area
  • Added a link on the plugin settings page for users to learn how to find their profile ID
  • Miscellaneous minor changes and code improvements

0.1 – Initial release, September 6, 2011

  • Basic funtionality, allowing you to enter your property ID, and not tracking you when you are logged into the GetSimple admin area.